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Grants for internship abroad

SEMP scholarship for Traineeships_COVID-19

The National Agency Movetia has confirmed that the principle of “force majeure/emergency situation” due to the COVID-19 emergency can be applied to the SEMP grants for placement. More specifically regarding your current SEMP scholarship these are the indications given by Movetia:

  • Continuation in smart /blended working: should you continue and complete your internship in smart working or blended working, following your employer’s indications, nothing will change and your grant is confirmed;
  • Internship's Suspension: should your internship be suspended, given the situation, you are allowed to complete your internship over a longer period of time. If the overall duration of the internship remains the same, your original grant will be fully confirmed. You will have to notify the new dates;​
  • Internship's Cancellation:
    • ​Should your employer decide to cancel your internship or
    • Should you be forced to go back to your home country before completing your internship without the possibility of continuing in smart working or
    • Should you have been directly affected by Covid-19 (which we really hope not)

​​You will be entitled to receive the grant only for the effective duration of your internship, with a minimum of 2 months. If your internship lasted less than 2 months you will be requested to reimburse the grant receive; if it is longer than 2 months you will be asked - if it is the case - to ­return only the difference. In case you have had to incur extraordinary expenses and these can be demonstrated (and not paid by your insurance), then you will not have to return the scholarship (the emergency situation clause is used).


For further information please check the site of Movetia:
We invite all of you to behave responsibly and to strictly follow the hygiene rules issued by our federal authorities:

We are fully aware that this exceptional situation has caused disruption and concern, that we understand and respect. We remain available for any additional information or clarification you may need.




To promote international placement, the Swiss Confederation and the Career Service provide scholarships for an internship in Europe o in non-UE Countries.

The grants are for all enrolled USI students and can be used up to 12 months after graduation.

For specific information about the mandatory documentation, see Grants for internship abroad.