Seminars on eLab tools

eLab offers different types of seminars for USI lecturers and assistants.

The offer varies from semester to semester, and may include basic seminars on iCorsi, suitable for new users of the platform, advanced seminars on specific iCorsi features, seminars on online examination tools, seminars on other software useful for teaching, etc.

Below you can find some examples of objectives and contents for possible seminars:

Basic iCorsi3 seminar​

Objectives: To know how to prepare and manage a course on iCorsi3 using the basic functionalities according to one's own teaching purposes.
Contents: Managing your iCorsi3 account, managing course properties, uploading and linking resources (files, folders, URLs), enrolling and unenrolling students, overview of other iCorsi3 features, contacts with eLab.

Seminar on specific iCorsi3 functionalities​

Objectives: To be able to extend the functionalities of one's own online course, in particular by enhancing (a) online communication and group activities, (b) assessment activities.
Contents: Managing groups, activating forums and assignments, activating anti-plagiarism control, quizzes, managing notes, conditional activities, creating interactive content, other functionalities.

Seminar on online exams on iCorsi3​

Objectives: To be able to create and correctly setup your own online exam on iCorsi3, through the "Quiz" or "Assignment" activities.
Contents: Managing quiz or assignment settings, creating quiz questions, setting up anti-plagiarism check for assignments, assigning notes for exams.

Seminars on other tools

Objectives: To be able to use the tools presented and to integrate them effectively into one's own teaching.
Contents: Presentation of the main functionalities of Panopto, Mentimeter, Mindmeister, Safe Exam Browser, e-portfolio, and any other software or online services, and of how to use them appropriately in one's own teaching activities.