Publications on equal opportunities

The Equal Opportunities Service compiles, in addition, publications intended to explore subjects related to gender equality to provide guidance and practical advice to USI staff and students.

  • Mentoring Handbook. Suggestions for promoting women's academic careers (2014)
    Handbook for all USI researchers. It provides them with a number of strategic tools designed to support them along their career paths.
  • The family is getting better (2014)
    The booklet contains useful information for all mothers-to-be, or parents, or students or employees of USI.
  • 10 years of equal opportunities at USI (2010)
    A booklet created to mark the tenth anniversary of the Equal Opportunities Service. The purpose of the brochure is to inform the public about what the Service offers, and to promote a series of initiatives and events organised to celebrate the first decade of the Service's existence.
  • Pari opportunità nei percorsi accademici (2006)
    A brochure conceived for the benefit of women wishing to be better informed on the characteristics of an academic career. It is equally useful for all those who want to understand better the mechanisms and successive steps of a career in research from an equal opportunities perspective.

The members of the USI academic community who want to know research projects that integrate the gender dimension or wish to get advice and documentation on equality issues can contact the Equal Opportunities Service.

Equal Opportunities Newsletter

The Equal Opportunities Newsletter comes out at the beginning of each semester (in print and on line). It introduces the latest initiatives of the Equal Opportunities Service, explores, and analyses equal-opportunity topics in some depth, and draws attention to events and studies worthy of note.

The Newsletter is available at the office of Equal Opportunities Service (Lugano Campus, Main Building, Office 257); it may be collected from there or requested by email.