International relations and mobility


Cesare Alippi

Pro-Rector for Internationalization

Knowledge is for its inner nature universal, barrier-free and international. Teachers and students have always experienced over centuries mobility, since the birth of the first universities, all over the planet. Indeed, modern transportation and increased wealth in families have boomed this trend to unprecedented levels making an international experience a possibility for many.
An international experience exposes us to a multicultural frame, breaks ethnic taboos, opens to different cultures, enriches your spirit, opens your mind, makes you more tolerant to the diversity, more careful to details and what is truly relevant. People exposed to multicultural stimuli are more flexible, able to interface with the counterpart at work more easily, more adequate to the current job market. Well, not to forget the fun and friends you gain in an international experience.

USI was conceived as an international university and, currently, we witness the outcome of these efforts, with students and faculty coming from over 100 different countries.
USI’s international value is certified by its prestigious and increasing positions within the world's most popular and well-known global rankings.

USI works with a number of international, national and regional entities in its education, research and knowledge dissemination activities. In particular, USI offers to its students a relevant portfolio of exchange possibilities ranging from traditional mobility opportunities, structured exchange programmes, up to double and joint degrees with renowned partner universities around the world.