USI key figures: overview

Data related to the academic year 2017-2018 (autumn semester).


  • Quick facts
Faculties 5
Institutes 21
Countries represented 107
Budget (millions of CHF) 90
Impact on the region CHF 3,2
for every CHF invested by the Canton


  • Population
Students 2822
Graduates 8019
Faculty 825
Staff 161

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  • Education
Bachelor programmes 6
Master programmes 22
Executive programmes 10
PhD programmes 10

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  • Research
Competitive research per annum (millions of CHF) 15
PhD students 282
Current research projects 109

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  • Innovation
Supported start-up companies 61
Start-up companies currently active in the region 45
Jobs created in Ticino 150
Patents filed 25
Applied studies (annual average) 80

USI activities in innovation