SNSF Open Access publication grants

Servizio ricerca e trasferimento del sapere

The SNSF provides grants to finance scientific open access publications that are made available immediately, without restriction and free of charge (gold open access).

There are three types of processing charges funded by the SNSF:

  • APCs: for articles in open access journals (only if related to SNSF-funded research)
  • BPCs: for open access book publications (also if not linked to SNSF-funded research)
  • BCPCs: for book chapters of open access book publications (only if related to SNSF-funded research)

Support for APCs and BCPCs can be requested at any time, irrespective of whether the SNSF research project is still ongoing or has already ended.

You can ask the SNSF to directly pay the publisher’s invoice (preferred choice) or ask for a reimbursement of already paid publication costs (up to six months after the publication date).

For further information, please visit the SNSF Open Access website or contact us.