Fintech: Challenges and opportunities for industry, consumers and regulators


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Data: 10 Maggio 2019 / 13:30

10 May 2019, 1.30 pm
Room A31, Lugano Campus

Blockchain-based companies are increasingly competing with traditional central and trusted institutions such as banks or insurances. The technology would also enable new business models such as initial coin offerings, whereby even small startups could issue shares and small investors could invest in them in a new peer-to-peer model of financing without intermediaries. The potential of this new technology is currently strongly limited by regulation and the fear of future regulation. We will discuss with leading industry-experts and entrepreneurs what new forms of financing for startups are currently possible, what the future could bring and how regulation should be designed.

Definition: a blockchain is a database that is consensually shared and synchronized across networks spread across multiple sites, institutions, or geographies, allowing transactions to have public “witnesses”.


  • 13.30
    Introduction to the lecture day
    Roberto Balmer, USI, lecturer
  • 13.35
    Introduction to KPMG
    The market environment for KPMG in Ticino
    The overall role of regulation for KPMGs business
    Lorenzo Job, Director, KPMG Lugano
  • 14.00
    New possibilities to raise capital for startups: ICOs and STOs, background and state of play
    André Güdel, Crypto Lead, KPMG Zürich
  • 14.45
    15 minutes break
  • 15.00
    Swiss startup explaining how technological innovation (AI-only based identification services) could solve the current deadlock and open new and more efficient ways for startups to raise public capital
    Alberto Guidotti, CEO Euronovate & Tap-ID
  • 15.45
    Swiss startup explaining its project and how it raised ICO/STO capital; case study and an outlook
    Roberto Gorini, CEO NOKU
  • 16.30
    End of the lecture day

Discussant: Rita Chiancone, USI, MMG thesis on Blockchain.

This guest lecture is organised in the context of USI Master in management (

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