COVID-19 (Coronavirus): current situation


Servizio relazioni internazionali e mobilità

20 Aprile 2020

The spread of the Covid-19 around the world has forced universities to implement a number of measures and rethink their activities. This of course impacts all of us: professors, researchers, administrative staff, and, most importantly, our students.

The International Relations and Study Abroad Service is in touch with our incoming and outgoing students, assisting them in these difficult and challenging times.

Incoming students Spring Semester 2020

  • Matriculation: the matriculation at USI remains active as long as incoming students will continue to follow the courses online, regardless of where they are located.
  • SEMP Scholarship: the SEMP scholarship is guaranteed as long as the students will finish the semester online (on-site or from home).
  • Exam session: the exam session will be held online. Detailed information has been sent out to all students on 20 April.

Incoming students Autumn Semester 2020

To date, it is very difficult to predict how the Covid situation will be by the time the next semester starts, so we decided to operate as if things will be back to normal by September 2020. USI is currently receiving nominations from partner universities and many students started to submit their application. We encourage all students nominated for the Autumn Semester at USI to respect the deadline for application (15 May 2020). We will of course offer flexibility in case of need.

It is to our knowledge that Swiss authorities abroad have currently suspended visa issuing until 15 June. We will be in touch with students requiring a visa as soon as the situation is clearer. Additional information is available on the State Secretariat for Migration website.

Outgoing students Spring Semester 2020

It is in our understanding that most universities where our students are currently on mobility have implemented the necessary measures to allow students to continue their class activities online. For the time being, mobility students from the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society and the Faculty of Economics have decided to stay in the host country and continue their studies at the host university. We would like to thank our partner universities for taking good care of our students and for their support.

Check the FAQ document for exchange students.

The most updated provisions and measures taken by USI are always available at the following link: