AAL Programme Call 2021 - Advancing inclusive health & care solutions for ageing well in the newdecade

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Submission deadline:

Submission deadline: 21 May 2021

The aim of the Call is to support innovative, transnational and multi-disciplinary collaborative projects.

The Call 2021 would like to stress to:

  1. an inclusive health & care approach (health prevention, preservation of physical & mental health, social participation);
  2. the stimulation and upscaling of innovation in active & healthy ageing through health & care eco-systems;
  3. the accessibility of digital solutions to end users, e.g through education for greater e-literacy.


  • Developing, testing, validating, scaling -up and integrating innovative ICT solutions for ageing well into re-designed service delivery models aimed at guaranteeing a positive“health”(See Call rationale);
  • Supporting the public health and care systems, contributing to the creation/strengthening/connection of healthy ageing ecosystems and promoting the development of digital literacy among the end users.

Indicative total funding: 21’019’900 EUR

This amount includes a contribution of up to 10.835.000 EUR by the European Commission.

Switzerland commitment: 1’775’000 EUR

Consortia must include:

  • Consortium composition of at least 3 independent eligible organization, from at least 3 different AAL Partner States participating in the Call for Proposals.
  • At least 1 business partner
  • At least 1 eligible SME partner which can be the business partner
  • At least 1 eligible end-user organization

The proposal must include at least 1 signed declaration of intent from relevant stakeholders.


The consortia must submit one common project proposal with one partner acting as coordinator. Approval of the list of selected proposals by the AAL General Assembly is expected for mid-September2021.


Visit the AAL website or read the official call for more information.