Cogito Foundation - Pre-Proposal for Research grants and Scholarships

Servizio ricerca e trasferimento del sapere

Submission deadline:

Submission deadline: 1 May, 2021

To study the gap between the Sciences and the Humanities as well as to bridge it, the cogito foundation funds research projects of a cross-disciplinary nature, where both parties (Sciences and Humanities) gain scientifically from the research project. These can originate from established researchers (research grants) or young investigators who recently obtained their PhD (Post doc scholarships). Thus the collaboration needs to transcend the established application of a method from one field in another. 

Funding and duration

Research projects can be granted for a maximum period of 3 years, projects with a longer duration need to submit a separate continuation proposal. Usually research projects are granted for a one to two year period. The amounts granted vary around 50’000 CHF and rarely exceed 100’000 CHF.


Applications have to be sent electronically to as single pdf-document before the deadlines.

Proposals can be submitted either in German or English and should follow the structure outlined below. Concentrate your proposal on the information necessary to evaluate your proposal fairly.


For further information read the Cogito Foundation guidelies for the submission or contact Ms. Janice Casarella.