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Submission deadline: 1 Agosto 2021

Submission deadline: 1 August 2021

The Ikea Foundation Switzerland supports scholarships, project or work grants, grants for events or institutions for applicants who reside in Switzerland or who can prove that they have a close link to Switzerland. An example of this is if the applicant has completed long stretches of education to date in Switzerland or the applicant’s main place of residence is currently Switzerland.


The areas supported by the foundation are: 

  • Further education ABROAD at Master‘s level
  • Prototypes and product developments (design and arts and crafts)
  • Work grants (design and arts and crafts only)
  • Product and collection presentations at public exhibitions (national and international)
  • Internships, only following a Master‘s course abroad
  • Competitions (can only be supported if the competition programme is arranged by specialists and the products or results are judged by experts)
  • Workshops and courses of lectures (which are targeted explicitly at persons in education)

The primary aim of the Ikea Foundation Switzerland is to support young talent. The following age restrictions are therefore set for applications:

  • Scholarships: before 28th birthday
  • Project or work grants: before 32nd birthday
  • For events: The event must be aimed specifically and exclusively at participants who are in education.

For further details, please refer to the guidelines's official website or contact Ms. Janice Casarella. 


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