Erasmus+ Cooperation partnerships in Higher Education

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Submission deadline: 20 Maggio 2021

Submission deadline (EU): 20 May, 2021


Erasmus+ Cooperation partnerships support projects that foster cooperation and exchange of practices between Higher Education Institutions in Europe. The aim is to increase the use of  new  technologies, develop innovative teaching practices, training and learning methods, develop  common tools and activities.

Partnerships should focus on horizontal priorities such as inclusion and diversity, environmental awareness and efforts to fight climate change, digital transformation, shared values, civic engagement and participation.


Educational institutions, non-profit organisations/NGOs, public authorities and cultural institutions may take part in cooperation partnerships.

A cooperation partnership must include at least 3 organisations from 3 Erasmus+ programme countries.

Swiss Participation

  • Official Partner, as long as their participation represents significant added-value for the project (= receive direct EU funding).

Deadline for sending in the application by the European coordinator is May 20.

  • Asociate partner (= can apply for funding from Movetia, the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+).

Deadline: The CH participant only fills out the Movetia form and applies to Movetia by June 4. A copy of the European Application form has to be sent with this application to Movetia.

The EU proposal is sent by the European Coordinator to his/her national agency. In the EU proposal the CH partner and the value they generate for the project are mentioned.

 More information is available at the following page.

Funding and duration

Funding is granted for 12 to 36 months - depending on the objectives of the project and the planned activities - with a budget between EUR 100,000 and EUR 400,000 and without a monthly limit.


Please visit the official EU funding and tender portal for further information, or contact Ms. Martina Pestoni.