SNSF - NPR 79: Advancing 3R - Animals, Research and Society

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Submission deadline: 3 Agosto 2021

Submission deadline: 3 August, 2021 (pre-proposal)

The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) launches a call for the National Research Programme "Advancing 3R - Animals, Research and Society" (NRP 79) based on a mandate from the Federal Council.

NRP 79 "Advancing 3R" aims to address the tensions between medical research and animal welfare and to improve research involving animals.

NRP 79 also aims to increase research potential in the area of 3Rs and promulgate methods to replace, reduce and refine animal experiments in Switzerland by specifically promoting young researchers working in this area – not only in biomedical and natural sciences, but also in humanities and social sciences.

The programme comprises three research modules:

  • Innovation: This module sets out to promote innovative research that will make a direct or indirect contribution to the effective application of the 3Rs in the real-world setting.
  • Implementation: Central to this module is a problem-driven approach intended to deliver information on barriers to the implementation of the 3Rs in various research areas, propose strategies for overcoming these barriers and also facilitate the application of existing knowledge.
  • Ethic and society: This module covers research into ethical, conceptual and societal issues connected with the 3Rs and the use of animals for scientific purposes in the context of the development of the relationship between humans and animals.

Funding and duration

The NRP 79 will operate with an overall funding of CHF 20 million for a research duration of 5 years.


Projects will be selected in a two-stage process. Interested researchers can submit project outlines via the mySNF platform until 3 August 2021.


For further information visit the 79NRP dedicated website, read the call or contact Ms. Dafne Pedrazzoli.



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