New SNSF CV format

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2 Giugno 2022

The SNSF introduced a new standardised CV format in autumn 2022. The aim is to facilitate comparisons between applicants and to make the evaluation of their scientific career more transparent.

So far, the SNSF did not have a unified CV format. As a consequence, submissions were not always in line with international best practices. After a pilot period, the SNSF is now introducing a new, standardized CV format, which will be the same across all funding instruments and for all applicants.

The CV new format will be an unique document with condensed and short information, including short narratives focusing on the most important achievements:

  • CV – 4 elements (education, employment, ORCiD, acad. age)
  • Major achievements – 1-3 selected, max 1 page
  • Output list – max 10 outputs in CV + link to ORCiD account (guidelines attached)

Applicants will be able to enter their CV on SNSF platforms as June. An ORCID ID will be required and communicated to those conducting the evaluation.

Creating an online CV is a simple process, but it may take a certain amount of time in the beginning. The SNSF therefore recommend that applicants start entering it at an early stage. The new CV is shorter and can be easily reused in other applications.
Watch the webinar on the CV format.
For further deatils you can find attached the dedicated guidelines, and you can contact: Anna Lazzarinetti.