Fondo Istituzionale per la Ricerca (FIR) - Call 2022

Servizio ricerca e trasferimento del sapere

Submission deadline: 3 Ottobre 2022

Submission deadline: 3rd October, 2022

The purpose of the FIR is to support activities that enable the long-term structuring and development of research at USI.
Funding through the FIR is limited in time and is aimed at projects whose realisation cannot be reasonably assured with current resources or external financing.

In this context, the FIR 2022 call focuses on

  1. Supporting young researchers with doctorates with the aim of enabling them to become scientifically independent.
  2. The support of doctoral schools.

The budget available for both areas is CHF 500,000

1.Support to young researchers


To support young researchers with PhD in the development of independent research and in the acquisition of competitive funding.

Researchers who have had their PhD for at least two and at most eight years and who do not yet have a professorial position. Any extensions of these terms will
comply with SNSF regulations.

Both internal and external researchers invited by USI faculty members to present a specific project may participate.

Duration and financing

A maximum of CHF 120'000 for a duration of 24 months. The following costs are covered

  • PI's salary (maximum 50% FTE).
  • Research costs, support staff and travel.

Position granted: Scientific collaborator or junior group leader depending on qualifications.


2. Support of doctoral schools.


To strengthen doctoral training in particular by offering courses and other activities to develop the skills of doctoral students.


USI institutes and faculties possibly in cooperation with institutes of other universities.

Duration and funding

Maximum CHF 100'000 for 36 months.

Eligible costs

  • Organisation of doctoral courses: fees and travel and accommodation costs.
  • Networking events for doctoral students: travel and accommodation costs.

Coordination costs must be assumed by the institution managing the school. Participation of doctoral students from outside USI is possible, but at their own expense.

For further information please contact Ms. Janice Casarella.