Branco Weiss Fellowships for Postdocs, 2024

Servizio ricerca e trasferimento del sapere

Submission deadline: 15 Gennaio 2024

Deadline: 15 January 2023

The Branco Weiss Fellowship awards young researchers around the world with a generous personal research grant, giving them the freedom to work on whatever topic they choose, for up to five years. Ideally, fellows pursue unconventional projects in new areas of science, engineering and social sciences.

The fellowship program was initiated and financed by the Swiss entrepreneur Dr. Branco Weiss, who passed away in October 2010. The program is based at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH).

You are eligible for the 2023 campaign if:

  • You officially hold a PhD on January 15, 2024;
  • You have obtained your PhD a maximum of five years prior to January 15, 2024
  • Your project departs from the mainstream of research in your discipline;
  • You have a record of outstanding scientific achievement;
  • You demonstrate in the proposal a willingness to engage in a dialogue on relevant social, cultural, political or economic issues across the frontiers of your particular discipline.

Funding and duration

Research projects should be conceived to last five years.
A Branco Weiss Fellowship amounts to max. CHF 500,000 for up to five years. It may be used to cover all legitimate costs of research (i.e. salary and/or equipment, travel expenses, consumables, personnel, etc.).

For further information, please contact Ms. Anna Lazzarinetti and visit the dedicated webpage.