CTI Overhead

Servizio ricerca e trasferimento del sapere

16 Dicembre 2016

Aiming at increasing cost transparency, from 1 January 2017 the CTI will make payments towards indirect research costs (overheads) to all higher education research institutes and non-commercial research institutes outside the higher education system.

Previously, the CTI only made overhead payments to universities of applied sciences and the CSEM. These payments took the form of higher salary rates for project participants (so-called 'tariff A'). However, under this system it was not possible to determine how much was paid out in total as overheads. Starting from 2017 overhead payments will be calculated as a fixed percentage of staff costs and the overhead payment will be a separate component of the project costs. In 2017 the CTI will pay the maximum rate of 15%.

Applications submitted up to 31 December 2016 are subject to the old regulation.