ERI Dispatch 2017-2020 submitted to parliament

Servizio ricerca e trasferimento del sapere

26 Febbraio 2016

The Federal Council submitted the Dispatch on the Promotion of Education, Research and Innovation 2017-2020 to parliament. To carry out the planned measures of promotion, the Council request the allocation of 26 thousand million CHF and proposes the revision of some laws of the ERI sector.

For the period 2017-2020 the Federal Council settled 4 priorities:

  • Strengthen the higher vocational training;
  • Support the generational turnover in the academy;
  • Increase the number of human medicine specialists;
  • Encourage the Innovation.

The research funding of the Federal Administration (sectorial research) and the Swiss participation in the UE programmes Erasmus+ and Horizon2020 are not included into the ERI Dispatch 2017-2020.