Career Story Live - USI Alumni: Luca Boschin, Co-Founder, LogoGrab

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Luca Boschin @ LogoGrab

24 e 25 gennaio 2019

USI Executive Center


Luca Boschin, USI Alumnus (Mmg 2012), Co-Founder, LogoGrab, Dublino


More than 84% of online communication is visual. We deliver the best technology to monetize and monitor it. LogoGrab allows you to detect logos and marks at scale in images and videos. We provide the leading logo and mark recognition API to monetize and monitor your visual content. LogoGrab delivers the most effective logo detection service, powering leading platforms across multiple industries. These include Social Media Monitoring, Sports Sponsorship Monitoring, Brand Safety & Counterfeit Detection, and Visual Data Monetization. Trusted by the world’s most innovative tech companies, including Veritone, Sprinklr, Crimson Hexagon, eBay, Brandwatch, and Media Monitors.