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The academic programme for the 28th edition of the Summer School has now been confirmed.

Registration: Registrations for the Summer School is now open. It will close on the 19th of July. 

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Modality No. of Places still available Confirmed Status Room

Preliminary Workshops


8-9 August 2024

P. Gruber Introduction to R and Rstudio Online 0/33   FULL n/a
O. Lipps/ U. Kuhn Introduction to Stata Online 9/25   OPEN n/a

8-10 August 2024

E. Horber Statistics with SPSS for Social Scientists Online 0/25   FULL n/a

9-10 August 2024

S. Kernbach Visual Thinking for PhD Researchers In presence 0/18   FULL Room A21, Red Building

Week 1                              12-16 August 2024



D. Conway Ethnographic methods In presence 0/17   WL Room A22, Red Building
V. Mottier Discourse Theory and Analysis In presence 1/18   OPEN Room A31, Red Building


E. Horber Multivariate Methods for Social Researchers In presence 8/25   OPEN

Room SI-006, Black Building

O. Lipps / U. Kuhn Applied Panel Data Analysis In presence 16/25   OPEN Computer Lab 159, Main Building and Room SI-003 & SI-004, Black Building
A. Mira / F. Denti Bayesian Modelling In presence 2/20   OPEN Room A11, Red Building
L. Walasek Web Scraping and Data Mining in R In presence 6/17   OPEN

Room A32, Red Building

M. Steenbergen Introduction to Machine Learning In presence 17/27   OPEN Room A12, Red Building
T. Hills Using Social Network Analysis to Understand Data In presence 3/14   OPEN Room A22, Red Building


B. Lepori / A. Rocci How to Forge Arguments in Writing (Social Sciences) Scientific Paper In presence 16/27   OPEN Red Room, Executive Centre, Main Building
S. Kernbach Design Thinking for Research In presence 6/18   OPEN Room A21, Red Building

Week 2                             19-23 August 2024



J. Drzewiecka Qualitative Analyses of Interview Data In presence 0/23   FULL Room A31, Red Building
M. Gibbert Qualitative Research Designs In presence 8/16


OPEN Red Room, Executive Centre, Main Building
L. Balachandran Nair Conducting a Grounded Theory Study In presence 5/16   OPEN Room A12, Red Building
K. Lobinger /J. Mengis Visual Data and Visual Methods for the Social Sciences In presence 4/20   OPEN Room A22, Red Building


R. Samuel Creating Groups from Data. Cluster Analysis and Latent Class Analysis In presence 15/27   OPEN Room A32, Red Building
E. Davidov / P. Schmidt Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) Online 12/25   OPEN Online
M. Grätz Causal Analysis with Observational Data In presence 2/17   OPEN Blue Room, Executive Centre, Main Building
T. Hills Content Analysis and Natural Language Processing In presence 0/16   WL Room SI-006, Black Building


P. Mello Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) In presence 11/20   OPEN Room A11, Red Building
M. Bergman Mixed Methods In presence 8/20   OPEN

Room A21, Red Building

Week 3                              26-30 August 2024 (+9 September 2024, am only)



A. Lambrechts, A.Stam, I. Sarman, P.Diaz-Venegas Advanced Skills for Research Data Management and Open Science in Social Sciences Online 13/20   OPEN Online


  • Note that many workshops have some prerequisites.
  • Note that Preliminary workshops have different starting dates.
  • All workshops are subject to cancellation until June 16th if there are fewer than 8 (paid) registrations.

The "Confirmed" column shows a tick mark (✔ ) as soon as the corresponding workshop has reached that threshold.


We're excited to announce an expansion of the Summer School in Social Science Methods, offering a dedicated program for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in collaboration with the IMCA institute at USI. The Doctoral School ‘Socio-Cultural Approaches in Business Studies: Theoretical Foundations and Theory-Building’.

Program Highlights:

  • Foundational Courses: Gain in-depth knowledge through a series of courses, each focusing on a key theoretical approach in socio-cultural business studies.
  • Readings & Case Studies: Delve into key founding texts and influential domain-specific texts to understand how theoretical approaches have been applied in marketing and organization studies.
  • Immersive Workshop: Participate in a one-week workshop within the Summer School that provides practical teaching on enhancing theoretical contributions in your research papers.

Registrations for the first course in Interpretivism and Sensemaking are now open. To find out more, visit the dedicated webpages here.

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  • Detailed explanations

    • The workshop application status is based on the number of persons who have applied for a workshop, i.e. conditional applications. Only the payment of the registration fee within three weeks from reception of the invoice confirms the application and makes the registration final.
    • If a workshop is marked "Full", it does not necessarily mean that the workshop is confirmed and the minimum number of confirmed participants has been reached; this is particularly true the first few weeks (late January, February) after registration opens. Prospective participants register quickly, but sometimes change plans, cannot raise funds to attend Summer School etc.
    • The status will change from "Open" to "Full", if only a few places are left.
    • Please note that the status may change back to "Open" if registrations are cancelled by the registrant or by us (no payment received despite a reminder e-mail).