Double degree

The Master in Computational Science offers students the opportunity to undertake a double degree programme, in partnership with:

  • INSUBRIA (Università degli Studi dell'Insubria in Como/Varese)


  • FAU (Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen-Nürnberg)

Both dual degree programmess provide dynamic and cross disciplinary training in numerical simulations, applied mathematics, statistics, computer science and data science. 

The double degree Master in Computational Science offers the opportunity for students to attend courses at two universities, get to know two cities, and maximize their educational development through cutting edge course offerings, collaborations with a wide array of leading professors, researchers and distinguished guests, and living experiences across different countries and contexts.

MCS double degree graduates are well prepared and highly sought after for careers in industry and research. Simulation and data science based approaches are quickly becoming the pillars of development in new materials, drug design, surgical procedures, engineering research, climatology, risk management, finance, and many others. MCS graduated will be extremely well prepared for careers across these and many other domains in which data science, high performance computing and mathematical modeling are central.


Note: Master in Computational Science students enrolled at FAU/Uninsubria can study at USI without paying additional fees and vice versa.

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  • Double Degree with Università degli Studi dell'Insubria

    Uninsubria’s applied mathematics, computer science, and computational mathematics groups are renowned and present tremendous specializations in areas such as geometric analysis, numerical optimization, regularization methods, numerical linear algebra, as well as a variety of applied areas through industrial collaborations.

    The USI-Uninsubria Master in Computational Science Double Degree leverages the combined resources of USI and Uninsubria to mould powerful, application oriented competencies in simulation and data science, with a high-level focus on methods and algorithms. USI and Uninsubria present a highly dynamic center of excellence for computational science and the combined faculties present a fantastic opportunity for students with a particularly strong interest in mathematics, and high-level methodologies, which can be applied to a wide array of problems.

    Furthermore, for the Master’s thesis, students can participate in ongoing research projects at the ICS, the IDIDS, and Uninsubria. Topics include numerical analysis, high-performance computing, geo-science, computational engineering, optimization, computational (bio-) mechanics and fluid mechanics, computational medicine, drug-design, computational finance, shape analysis and many others.

    The USI- Uninsubria Master in Computational Science enables students to study in Como/Varese and Lugano, which are very close and well connected by public transport.

  • Double Degree with Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg

    Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) located in Erlangen-Nurberg is known as one of the preeminent centers of excellence for computer science in Germany and it is the second largest university in Bavaria with its 39000 students. FAU is a preeminent center of computer science in Germany and Europe as a whole: its computational engineering masters programmes is one of the most well established, and well known of its kind and the university it is a center of excellence in Germany for applied high performance computing. 

    Furthermore, double degree students will benefit from the specialized focus of the computational engineering group, with advanced specializations in mechatronics, computational optics, information technology, thermo- and fluid-dynamics, mechanics and dynamics, computational materials science, and medical imaging. The more application-oriented program at FAU will be well complemented by the highly rigorous mathematical, methodological, and algorithmic training which is the focus at USI. 

    Indeed this double degree provides students with a unique opportunity to build a very robust capacity in both applied and methodological skillsets.

    The Master in Computational Science, located in Lugano, at USI (Università della Svizzera italiana) has a unique educational programme design, focused on developing advanced capabilities in data driven simulation methods, with applications and specializations across a variety of sub-disciplines, including finite element methods, multiscale methods, optimization, stochastic methods, machine learning, artificial intelligence, geoengineering, energy modelling, computer vision, bioinformatics, and many more.