Bachelor in Economics


The advent of the digital economy, demographic transition, recurring financial crises and climate change are among the most urgent global challenges facing modern globalised economies.

To meet, interpret and govern these challenges, future economics professionals need a new and diversified preparation, which the Faculty of Economics allows them to acquire thanks to an educational offer that places the student at the centre of a rich and articulated pathway.
The study programme enables students to develop effective tools for understanding the complex and fascinating world of economics.

The curriculum consists of a first common part that focuses on core subjects in the following areas: management, finance, microeconomics, macroeconomics, quantitative methods and law.
Subsequently, the programme provides a choice between four areas of specialisation: management, finance, political economy and quantitative methods. 

  • The  management specialisation is intended to give a solid education in the field of human resources management, production strategies and policies, controlling and marketing of small, medium and large enterprises, both public and private;
  • The finance specialisation responds to the needs in national and international finance. You study the functioning of financial markets and institutions and learn how to assess, measure and manage the risks associated with financial decisions; 
  • The political economy specialisation provides training that meets the needs for analysing and understanding competitive and non-competitive markets. Alternative forms of economic organisation are sought that could produce higher standards of living or a more desirable distribution of wealth.
  • The quantitative methods specialisation offers mathematical and statistical training in data science and quantitative analysis in economics.

The programme's main strengths include a teaching staff of international stature and a faculty/student ratio among the most favourable in the international university landscape. The Bachelor's programme in economics is the ideal place to develop solid skills, flexibility and that dose of intellectual curiosity that is needed to identify the most important questions and address them with creativity and ingenuity, skills that are essential for success in the modern labour market
Behavioural skills are essential for continuation in master's programmes and, above all, for career paths. Group work, group presentations and simulations aid their development. 
The courses of the first three semesters are also offered in both Italian and English, thus enabling students to master an international language of crucial importance for their professional future.

Studenti e studentesse immatricolate nell.A.A. 2022/23, o precedenti, possono consultare il piano degli studi qui.

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