Open days and study advisory - Bachelor

In order to allow prospective students to know more about the Università della Svizzera italiana and its study curricula, the Study Advisory Service organizes several open days during which interested people can follow detailed presentations, visit the campus and meet students and professors.

Moreover, USI takes part in a number of fairs and open day events in high school.

Upcoming appointments in the Spring Semester 2021:

  • 22.05.2021
    # USI25 - Discover the Bachelor in Architecture, visit of the Academy
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  • 28.05.2021
    # USI25 - Bachelor Info Day (Communication / Italian language, literature and culture / Economics / Informatics)
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COVID-19 Protection provisions

Visitors and guests coming from abroad are required to comply individually with the federal regulations when entering Switzerland. For all information, please refer to the >> website of the Federal Office of Public Health, the diagram shows a general overview, the text below illustrates it in detail.
Visitors and guests arriving at USI should be aware that they will have to consider not only the rules for entering Switzerland, but also the rules in force for entering each country crossed during the journey, that means both for the arrival at USI and for the return home, or for a possible continuation of the journey. USI cannot be held responsible for any consequences due to the non-observance of these rules and will not bear any eventual costs related to the obtaining of required medical certificates.

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  • USI in fairs and high school

    USI participates as an exhibitor in the following fairs: you are all invited to visit our booths!
    The Study Advisory and Promotion Service team will answer with pleasure to your questions and curiosity and will provide you with all the useful information to proceed with an application. 

    In the A.A. 2020/2021 USI participates in several online orientation events, in compliance with the COVID-19 security measures:

    When Event Where


    Maturanden-Messe Zürich


    Gymnasium Muttenz


    QS World Grad School Tour Bologna e Firenze (online)


    QS World Grad School Tour Napoli e Roma (online)


    QS World Grad School Tour Milano e Torino (online)


    Salone dello Studente Abruzzo e Molise (online)


    Journée d'orientation Collège Calvin Genève


    Studienmesse ASK! Baden


    Salone dello Studente Sicilia (online)


    Fiera dell'orientamento Docsity Italia (online)


    Zebi Messe Luzern


    Salone dello Studente Lazio (online)


    OrientaSicilia - pt. 1 Sicilia (online)


    Salone dello Studente Piemonte (online)


    Master Messe Zürich


    Salone dello Studente Lombardia (online)


    Informationstag Kantonsschule Solothurn


    Job&Orienta Italia (online)


    Salone dello Studente Puglia e Basilicata (online)


    OrientaLombardia Lombardia (online)


    Salone dello Studente Toscana ed Emilia Romagna (online)


    Salone dello Studente Calabria (online)


    OrientaSicilia - pt. 2 Sicilia (online)


    Bachelor Info Day Basel


    Salone dello Studente Marche (online)


    Informationstag Gymnasium Oberwil


    Salone dello Studente Campania (online)


    Informationstage Kantonsschule Frauenfeld


    Forum des étudiants Sierre


    Forum Bildung Sierre


    Salone dello Studente Triveneto (online)


    Forum Horizon Lausanne


    Forum des Universités et des Hautes Écoles Bienne

    Do you want to schedule a virtual orientation meeting? Contact us!

  • Bachelor Info Day – Get to know USI in half a day

    Follow the presentations of the Bachelor programmes and get more information about possible future Master studies and job opportunities.

    Spring 2021

    • 24 April 2021: the event will be held on campus, in accordance with the safety measures in place at the time.
      Registration is compulsory. 
      • Registration form Lugano Campus (Bachelor in: Communication / Economics / Informatics / Lingua, letteratura e civiltà italiana / Medicine)
        On-campus participation is open to students residing in Switzerland only.
      • Registration form Mendrisio Campus (Bachelor in: Architecture)
        On-campus participation is open to students residing in Switzerland only. All other students will be able to follow the event in streaming.
    • May 2021: the event will be held on campus, in accordance with the safety measures in place at the time. Participation will be open to all interested students.

    Autumn 2020

    • 28 November: Architecture, registration is closed
      The event will be held online, login credentials will be sent to the participants via email.


      14.00: Welcome from the Director of the Academy of Architecture Riccardo Blumer
      14.15: Presentation of the BSc programme in Architecture – Italian
      14.45: Testimony of a student/graduate – Italian
      15.00: Q&A Session - Italian

      15.30: Presentation of the BSc programme in Architecture – English
      16.00: Testimony of a student/graduate – English
      16.15: Q&A Session - English


  • Bachelor Ministage – Get to know USI in two days

    Spend two days on campus and experience life at USI: enter everyday life and follow Bachelor classes with actual USI students.

    Food and accommodation are offered to students living outside Ticino and the Lombardy region.

    The programme will be sent by e-mail to all participants 1 week before the event. Programme begins at 9.00 on the Lugano campus and 11.00 on the Mendrisio campus.

    A certificate of attendance will be issued the second day of the Ministage.

    In view of the current COVID-19 regulations, the Bachelor Ministage are suspended in Academic Year 2020/21.