In the region

In the region USI is:

  • a cluster of scientific development
  • a generator of economic activity and
  • a force capable of attracting and retaining young talents.

For the local community, the University is also a venue for social and cultural activity and for promoting the dialogue between science and society, thanks to its many conferences and the initiatives organised by L’ideatorio, which often collaborates with local schools and institutions.

USI, in addition to its important role of representing the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, offers to the community in general qualified individuals and valuable skills that provide support to economic and social development with, for instance:


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  • Scientific development

    With USI, the scientific sector of the Swiss Italian-speaking region has substantially grown.

    Both directly and indirectly, the University has in fact favoured:

    The growth of the scientific network that revolves around USI in the Swiss Italian-speaking region is confirmed by the Marcel Benoist Prize awarded in 2011 to USI prof. Michele Parrinello, and by the 29 ERC grants, prestigious European research funds, that have been awarded to active researchers in Ticino. The list of ERC is available at this page


  • Impact

    USI’s presence and, in general, the development of the scientific sector in the Swiss Italian-speaking region also provide direct and short-term financial benefits.

    Overall, every Swiss Franc invested in USI by Canton Ticino produces a turnover of 3.2 Francs in favour of the territory, mostly from:

    • public funding for education and research from the Confederation, other Cantons, and the European Union;
    • turnover from the purchase of good and services on the territory; 
    • turnover from students;
    • turnover from congress tourism.
  • Economic and social development

    USI supports the local economic and social development directly through innovation activities that foster entrepreneurship and technology.

    In wider terms, through its training activities, research and transfer of knowledge, USI offers qualified individuals and valuable skills to provide support and to cooperate with local institutions and companies:


  • Image and identity of the Swiss Italian-speaking region

    USI has guaranteed and still guarantees the presence of the Swiss Italian-speaking region around the world and brings the world to the Swiss Italian-speaking region. This is possible thanks to its educational and research projects, its international conventions and other activities, and most of all thanks to its students and professors hailing from 100 countries, its graduates who work in companies and universities all over the world, and to its internationally renowned professors.

    As the sole Swiss university of Italian language and culture, through the activities of the Institute of Italian studies (ISI), USI also supports the cultural dignity of the Italian-speaking region of the Confederation. It is in fact committed to the protection of a heritage - that of Italian language, literature and civilisation - which is not only a pillar of Swiss plurality, but also a heritage of beauty for humankind.


  • Young spirit cuddles the city

    USI brings young people to the territory who would otherwise be elsewhere: a supply of energy that helps keeping our region dynamic.

    The University is also a presence in the urban fabric: a reference for the community, a place to kick back and go for a walk, a “bench on which one can fall in love”. USI campuses of Lugano, Mendrisio and Bellinzona represent a hug to the community, and ground for reflection, civilisation, and memory.