Tuition and scholarships for Master's programmes

Tuition fees amount to CHF 4'000.- per semester. For students whose official residence was in Switzerland or Liechtenstein at the time of the final high school exam (Maturità), the fees are CHF 2'000.-. The semester's fees of CHF 2'000.- are also applied to students whose official residence is Campione d'Italia under certain conditions.
Tuition fees are payable at the beginning of each term by the deadline indicated on the invoice; fee payment is an essential condition for matriculating or renewing one's enrolment.


Support for students affected by the conflict in Ukraine  


In order to show its solidarity with the students affected by the war in Ukraine, Università della Svizzera italiana has decided to use part of its solidarity fund to support (through loans and/or scholarships) those who, due to this crisis, find it hard to continue their education.



Scholarships granted by the Canton Ticino  


The Department of Education, Culture and Sport (Dipartimento dell’Educazione, della cultura e dello sport - DECS) of the Canton of Ticino provides financial support to students who meet its residency requirements.

For further details, please contact the “Ufficio degli aiuti allo studio”:


Scholarships granted by other Swiss cantons  


Swiss students residing in other cantons can apply for educational funding from the competent cantonal office, which can be found through the following web site:



Foundation for the Lugano Faculties of the Università della Svizzera italiana  

2022/23 - Applications submitted by 31.07.2022

  • Master's - First year
    60 one-off scholarships of CHF 4'000 each to the students admitted to the first year of a USI Master's programme
  • Faculty of Informatics
    5 scholarships for students admitted to the first year of one of the Master's programmes offered by the Faculty of Informatics
  • Master in Italian language, literature and culture
    5 scholarships for students admitted to the first year of the Master in Italian language, literature and culture
    Call (in Italian only)
  • Scholarship awards
    20 one-off scholarship awards of CHF 4'000 each given to the best student enrolled in the second year of each USI Master's programme based on the results at the end of the first year of studies. The scholarship awards are granted automatically in November on the basis of the autumn exam session results.
    Regulations (to be updated in September 2022)


The call for applications for the academic year 2023/24 will be available in February 2023

Leonardo Foundation  


Swiss and foreign students enrolled at the Università della Svizzera italiana can apply for a scholarship granted by the Leonardo Foundation. Applications must be submitted through the appropriate online form by October 31st, 2022.

  • Call (in Italian only)
  • Application form for Swiss students
    (to be submitted in paper form to the Leonardo Foundation’s Secretariat)
  • Application form for foreign students
    (to be submitted electronically)




The call for applications for the academic year 2023/24 will be available in September 2023.


Sodeska Foundation  


The Sodeska Foundation offers 5 scholarships worth CHF 4'000 each to Swiss students to support them in their academic studies at USI. Applications are to be submitted through the appropriate online form by February 28th, 2023.


Zonta Club Lugano Foundation  


The Zonta Club Lugano Foundation awards several scholarships to Swiss students or foreign students living in Ticino with a C residence permit who are attending a Bachelor's or a Master's degree programme. The application form together with the supporting documents has to be submitted to the Fondazione Zonta Club Lugano by October 31st, 2022 



Ermes and Fiorella Borsari Foundation  


The Ermes and Fiorella Borsari Foundation offers two scholarships for university studies in Economics and/or Fine arts (sculpture and painting) worth 6'000 CHF each, aimed at students born or residing in the Canton of Ticino who attend a Swiss university, a recognized or accredited Swiss university of applied sciences and arts or the Brera Academy in Milan. Deadline for submitting applications for subsidies: May 30th, 2022.

  • Call (in Italian only)




Private foundations for the Academy of Architecture  


For scholarships granted by private foundations to Swiss and foreign students enrolled in the Academy of Architecture please refer to:



IBSA Foundation for scientific research  


The IBSA Foundation for Scientific Research firmly believes that faith in the future can be obtained by building solid foundations through education and specialized research. Therefore, the IBSA Foundation for Scientific Research offers scholarships to USI students in their 1st or 2nd year of Master of medicine every year.




Swiss Study Foundation  


The Swiss Study Foundation offers a wide range of support for students with outstanding academic results (average: 5.3/6 or 8.8/10), who engage in activities in society and who speak at least two national languages. The Foundation is also able, depending on need and personal profile, to provide financial support to students, as well as doctoral students, already admitted to the Swiss Study Foundation. For more information, please visit their website:


Fondazione Lang e per la Cultura Italiana del Cantone Ticino  


University students or graduates coming from Ticino who intend to pursue their studies in Switzerland or Italy. The application form, duly completed and signed, together with all required documentation, must be sent by 21 October 2022 to:

Fondazione Lang e per la Cultura Italiana del Cantone Ticino, c/o UBS Switzerland AG, Via Pretorio 14, 6901 Lugano

More information available here:



Fondazione Silvio e Marianne Tarchini


The Board of the Silvio and Marianne Tarchini Foundation is opening the competition for the award of scholarships for the 2022/2023 academic year. The scholarships are intended for deserving young Swiss people, primarily from Ticino, for university studies in Switzerland (including universities of applied sciences) or for other higher vocational training; preference is given to studies in economics or architecture.

The application must be completed and submitted electronically by the deadline of Saturday 15 October 2022.

The necessary information and the application form can be found on the following internet page, under the menu BORSE DI STUDIO (italian only).




For further information, please contact: