Bachelor in Communication

Presentazione del Bachelor in Comunicazione

Communication is transforming several contexts and shaping new social domains, including the workplace, culture, relations between businesses and institutions, and the lives of billions of people. This process often generates euphoria and disorientation: we are confused and charmed by the amount and speed of information that reaches us every day; we post photos and thoughts relentlessly, but we wonder how our data is used and by whom, we feel at the same time more connected and isolated when using new digital technologies.

The Bachelor in Communication – with a unique programme in Switzerland and the world for almost 30 years - has the ambition to prepare students to understand and then shape this increasingly complex reality, thanks to an education that:

  • Allows an interdisciplinary approach to identify the interconnections between the media, the economy, culture and society. A holistic perspective that, at the same time, provides sector-specific knowledge with three specialisations oriented towards the world of business, media and journalism and digital culture;
  • Offers solid theoretical foundations and, at the same time, provides practical knowledge through innovative teaching methods and approaches, also in collaboration with private companies and public institutions;
  • Provides students with unique training opportunities, thanks to the knowledge brought in by internationally renowned lecturers and to a study curriculum that encourages the acquisition of diverse skills. In the Bachelor, learnings in the humanities and social sciences are combined with linguistic, cultural and technological skills. The various courses in English, especially from the third year, and collaborations, exchanges and double degrees with prestigious national and international partners complete an education that aims to prepare students to act in global horizons;
  • Focuses on students, thanks to an optimal professor/student ratio of 1 to 7 and an approach to teaching that includes, in addition to conventional frontal lectures, group work, individual work, workshops and business experience;
  • enjoys a strategic geographical position, which allows to take advantage of both the Swiss and Italian cultures and to place students in a diversity-rich international community.

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