Each year a different package of skills will be provided, taking into account opportunities and students' specific requests. The skills are addressed to students of the third year of the Bachelor.
By way of example, we provide below a possible list of skills:

  1. Languages
    Language courses, specifically English (up to C1), German and French (at least up to B2). Courses in other languages will be also offered.
  2. Tools for quantitative and qualitative data analysis (e.g. SPSS, Nvivo tools, sentiment analysis tools, Mechanical Turk and survey tools, eye tracking tools)
  3. Communication analysis and management (e.g. media analytics, AdWords)
  4. Multimedia production (e.g. Photography and smart editing for social media, Photoshop, Indesign, Premiere)
  5. Public speaking and presenting (e.g. speechwriting, voice and performance, presentation software, pitching)
  6. Interface design (e.g. Java, Google Dialogue Flow and similar)