Lifelong Learning and Continuing Education

Lifelong learning - apprendimento permanente - formazione continua

Knowledge: a path of a lifetime

Given the fast and ongoing changes in our society, it has become crucial to learn new notions, skills and abilities and acquire new personal experiences throughout our lives. That is why USI embraces "Lifelong Learning", and offers a series of courses to develop knowledge and skills that are fundamental for the professional growth and beyond.

USI is a university that is always on the lookout for changes in our society and promptly responds to such changes by taking on new challenges. Today, one of the main challenges it faces is the so-called "fourth industrial revolution": the pervasiveness of technology and digitisation and their rate of evolution are reflected in continuous innovations in the economy, in the workplace and in society. It is therefore imperative to "rethink" about ourselves as human beings and about our role in the community. The academia is called upon to respond to new needs with a renewed approach, based on a concept - that of Lifelong Learning - which embraces all the activities through which we learn throughout our lives, in different ways and in different contexts. Lifelong learning includes continuing education with structured training courses that are neither "formal" like school education, nor "informal" like the opportunities offered, for example, by a conference.


Our Lifelong Learning offer

USI offers a range of high quality courses of Lifelong Learning and continuing education to reflect the latest research findings and the commitment to extend them beyond the academic context. The programmes offered show that the university is aware of the increasing number of people who need to keep up to date and learn new skills throughout their lives. People who also need to strengthen their skills in critical analysis and management thanks to courses that allow them to improve from a professional, social and personal point of view. USI offer includes:

Three reasons to choose Lifelong Learning at USI


International faculty teach students the most recent developments in scientific research with an interdisciplinary, engaging and interactive approach, leaving room to practical application


A learning experience tailored to the student's needs, thanks to the convenient teacher/student ratio. A place where students can engage in direct dialogue with their professors and discover unexpected horizons


Swiss quality in an international environment. Thanks to its unique position, at the same time decentralised and at the crossroads between Northern Europe and the Mediterranean, at USI we cultivate original perspectives and seek unconventional paths.



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