Conducting research at USI

The current page is divided in two sections:

  • information for researchers outside of the University;
  • information for academic staff who is already active at the University.




The opportunities to carry out reserach at USI for a long or short term are:

  • active researchers
    - win a call for applications for a researcher and/or teaching position
    - spend time at USI as a visiting researcher
  • prospective researchers
    - gain admission to a PhD programme
    - spend time at USI as a visiting doctoral student



Colleagues hailing from all over the world, and the international perspective, dynamism and informal culture, rapid decision-making and fluid exchange of ideas – enabled by an agile structure and contained size – make USI a platform of free research open to the world.

Career researchers find at USI the ideal conditions to develop independent research and projects, reaching goals at an international level.

Prospective researchers can find the ideal hub to grow and plant the seeds for a career at institutions such as Harvard, Oxford, Columbia University, Cornell University, University College London, Johns Hopkins University, University of Washington, New York University, Imperial College London, Northwestern University, Duke University, EPFL, London School of Economics, University of Bristol, Erasmus University Rotterdam, TU Delft, and companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, IBM.

USI can count on a broad national and international research network, and the convenient conditions of the Swiss system, such as useful synergies between high-quality public infrastructures (especially the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Swiss Innovation Agency Innosuisse) and important funding by the private sector.


Academic staff already active at USI

USI supports the research activity of its academic staff through the Research and Transfer Service.

The Service offers information, counselling and assistance on:

  • opportunities for financing research in Switzerland and internationally;
  • research project application;
  • projects administrative management.

Each researcher has access to a personal web page that collects all active projects at USI, and where it is possible to add a biography and publications.

The Institutional Communication Service is available to promote among the media and the community, research projects and initiatives related to research activities (e.g. meeting and conference).


First steps at USI

New researchers can find essential information to familiarise with USI at the specific page for academic staff, as well with the brochure Researching at USI Università della Svizzera italiana. A practical guide for researchers and their family.