Innovation, knowledge transfer and startups


As part of its mission to serve the community ("third mandate"), USI is committed to contributing to the economic, social and cultural development of the region by fostering, among other things, innovation and the transfer of technology and knowledge to industry and society.

The rapid evolution and the increased complexity of our society call for the ability to constantly find new solutions to the great challenges of today and tomorrow. Scientific research opens up new horizons and perspectives. However, to "translate" it into innovation, we need tools and initiatives to establish appropriate contact points with the economic and entrepreneurial context, thus creating a collaboration network between the university, institutions and businesses.


Fostering innovation

USI actively promotes innovation through various initiatives, which include spin-offs, research centres for applied studies, field projects and analyses, promotion or participation in competence centres, communities of practice, and thinking platforms. All in the context of a true regional "ecosystem" of innovation.


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Turning ideas into innovation

The transition from scientific research to creating products, services, or processes that directly impact the economic and social fabric is not straightforward. Appropriate "interfaces" are in fact required to turn an idea into innovation. USI supports the transfer of knowledge from academia to the industry through USI Transfer, and the development of startups through the USI Startup Centre.


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