USI key figures: staff


Federal Statistical Office (FSO) definitions are used, specifying correspondences with the categories in the USI Statute.

The Academic staff is staff active in education and/or research. It is divided into:

  • Professors (FSO definition)
    USI Statute: Full-time equivalents (Full Professors, Associate Professors); Associate Professors; Assistant Professors; Adjunct Professors.
  • Other teaching staff (FSO definition)
    USI Statute: free lecturers; clinical lecturers; lecturers on annual contract; lecturer-researchers on multi-year contract.
  • Assistants and scientific staff (FSO definition)
    USI statute: assistants; physicians who teach clinical practice; architects who collaborate with studios; scientific collaborators; academic collaborators; language readers. Among the assistants, the following three categories are identified: assistant-PhD students; assistants with PhD; maître-assistant. There are three categories of atelier collaborators: junior collaborator, senior collaborator, collaborator-maître.

The Managerial, clerical and technical staff (FSO definition) includes the executive members of the University and administrative, library, technical, and auxiliary staff active in the services.