Mission, Vision and Values


Based on the Law that regulates the Università della Svizzera italiana, USI mission consists of:

  • providing quality education
  • conducting internationally relevant scientific research;
  • contributing to the development of the region by enabling the transfer of knowledge, innovation, entrepreneurship and cultural and scientific debate in their areas of competence.



USI aspires to become the natural choice for those yearning to grow intellectually, humanly, and responsibly.

USI envisions to be a way for the future and strives to be known as:

  • An institution that believes in diversity
  • A hub for great talent
  • A partner of choice for knowledge transfer
  • A knowledge lab
  • A place where senses and aesthetics, in addition to logic and reason, are fostered
  • A model employer
  • A region-wide campus



In pursuit of its mission, USI draws inspiration from three main values:

  • quality
  • openness
  • responsibility

Moreover, USI has made some specific commitments: to gender equality in the organisation of public events and to sustainable development.



The Charter of Università della Svizzera italiana embodies and expresses our fundamental principles.
It is the reference point for all members of our community, for their actions and reflections, enabling these principles to live every day.

Read our Charter