Bachelor in Informatics


We communicate by electronic mail, read newspapers on-line, shop and buy from companies that exist only in cyberspace Engineers use software to design and build airplanes, and pilots use software to fly them... Ninety percent of the cost of cell phones is software... Informatics is everywhere. Universities must reflect on what role they can play in this new world, how best to respond to informatics and ever newer and broader applications; and they must review their teaching methods. That is why, in 2004, USI created a Faculty entirely devoted to Informatics. The teaching curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of the discipline: software design and architecture, modelling and analysis of complex systems, the theory of the latest technologies, and the development of system thinking. As it is essential to practise programming, theoretical lectures are complemented by fairly complex projects. In their daily laboratory activities, students have a chance to apply concepts and principles acquired during regular lectures, testing their soundness and learning to design and programme from day one.

The Faculty is becoming an internationally recognised centre of research and teaching in advanced informatics; and it promotes synergies with the programmes of the Institutes of Technology in Zurich, Lausanne, and Milan, with which it already enjoys a fruitful partnership.




What our students say

Sara Mangialavori

Bachelor in Informatics, 2020

Studying Informatics at USI means learning an innovative subject in a cutting-edge university, offering well-structured courses and the possibility to specialize yourself with many electives. Furthermore, Informatics at USI means much practice: hands-on, projects and ateliers let you experiment with what you learn during the lectures. Moreover, the internship and the Bachelor project allow you to find good employment after only three academic years.

What I liked in particular about the Bachelor in Informatics at USI was to attend interesting and diverse courses that provide you with an overview of the Informatics world. Moreover, a nice group of classmates formed where we helped each other, discussing projects, assignments, and exams, for the whole duration of the Bachelor.

Stefano Taillefert

Bachelor in Informatics, 2021

Studying at USI is a great learning experience: despite being a relatively small university, it is very dynamic and full of interesting people, among both professors and students!

The courses are very diversified and cover many different topics, but everything is related to informatics and oriented to practical uses.

My favourite part of the Bachelor programme is the projects we have to develop individually or in groups (for example, a browser game: because we get to create a real working product with the knowledge we acquired during the semester.

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