Areas and competences

USI carries out research and specialises in different fields of knowledge, specifically in the following areas:

  • architecture
  • communication
  • computational sciences
  • data science
  • economics
  • health studies
  • humanities
  • informatics
  • law
  • medicine and biomedicine

The interface available at this page allows to explore more in depth expertise and competences covered by USI Professors (full professors, associate professors, assistant professors, tenured, adjuncts).

Thanks to this competence map, it is possible to discover – in particular – which specific fields are present in each main area, which expertise are present in each field, and which competences are present in each field of expertise.

For each level, the interface allows to identify which USI Professors are associated with a specific area, a specific field or a specific expertise, with the related competences.

Queries can also be made through text search.

Note: the competence map is for informational purposes only. Competences associated to professors do not necessarily indicate the areas in which they are active today with research projects.