Bachelor in Data Science


In the A.Y. 2024/25, the USI Faculty of Informatics and Faculty of Economics join forces to launch an innovative Bachelor in Data Science that will equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the increasingly data-driven world.
Data Science is the new philosophy: it involves evidence-based reasoning about any topic where uncertainty is involved.

Data science plays a crucial role today by enabling organizations to extract valuable insights and make informed decisions based on vast amounts of data: with its interdisciplinary approach combining statistics, mathematics, programming, and domain knowledge, data science empowers scientists, profit and non-profit organizations to uncover patterns, trends, and correlations that might otherwise remain hidden.

By leveraging advanced analytics techniques, machine learning algorithms, and predictive modelling, data science empowers scientists to extract more information from experiments and organizations to optimize operations and drive innovation. It enables evidence-based decision-making, helps identify new opportunities, mitigates risks, and provides a foundation for developing intelligent systems and technologies.

In essence, data science is the driving force behind harnessing the potential of data to create value, fuel growth, and shape a more efficient and insightful future.

Interdisciplinary Bachelor: Jointly offered by the Faculty of Informatics and the Faculty of Economics

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science in Data Science

Streams offered: Informatics and Finance & Economics

Format: Full-time Degree recognised by the Swiss government

Language: English

Location: Lugano, Switzerland

Duration: 3 years


Intake: September 2024

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