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The bachelor programme offered by the Faculty of Informatics consists of an innovative, project-based, team-oriented curriculum of six semesters. In the first five semesters, students work on group projects. In the sixth semester, they work on an individual final project in which they use all their acquired knowledge to solve an interesting problem. The bachelor students have opportunities for summer internships both at companies and at the university. The bachelor programme emphasizes theoretical foundations, technology, and soft skills such as communication and teamwork.

Stefano Taillefert

Studying at USI is a great learning experience: despite being a relatively small university, it is very dynamic and full of interesting people, among both professors and students!

The courses are very diversified and cover many different topics, but everything is related to informatics and oriented to practical uses.

My favourite part of the Bachelor programme is the projects we have to develop individually or in groups (for example, a browser game: because we get to create a real working product with the knowledge we acquired during the semester.


Studiare all'USI è una grande esperienza di apprendimento: nonostante sia un'università relativamente piccola, l'USI è molto dinamica e piena di persone interessanti, sia tra i professori che tra gli studenti!

I corsi soon diversificati e permettono di affrontare molti argomenti diversi, ma tutto è legato all'informatica e orientato agli usi pratici.

La mia parte preferita del Bachelor è data da tutti i progetti che dobbiamo sviluppare individualmente o in gruppo (ad esempio, un browser game: perché riusciamo a creare un vero e proprio prodotto di lavoro con le conoscenze acquisite durante il semestre.

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