Master Meetings

Have you decided on which Master programme to study? Would you like more information on the contents and teaching methods at USI? Register at our Master Meetings to attend courses.
The various Master Meetings offer you the opportunity to follow lectures together with the current master students. Guided by a USI student, you can visit the campus and make up your mind as to whether the contents correspond to your study ambitions.

Next appointment: 21-25 November 2022.

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Room D1.13
East Campus

Software Atelier: Design 101

D101 teaches students a series of universal design principles that can be used for a number of tasks, such as enhancing the way a design is perceived, help people learning from a design, increase the usability and appeal of a design, and ultimately make better design decisions to create new and ameliorate existing designs.

Room D0.02
East Campus

Knowledge Analysis & Management

Knowledge extraction and representation are key enablers for data comprehension and decision making. This course will cover techniques for the extraction of knowledge from natural language documents and for the representation of knowledge as ontologies and semantic webs.

Room D1.13
East Campus

Data Design & Modeling

Data design and modeling provides the foundation for representing, storing and managing structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. Data can be persistent or volatile, processed in batches or in continuous streams. Students will learn how to select appropriate data management solutions to deal with scalability, availability, consistency, performance, and expressiveness requirements.