Master Meetings

Have you decided on which Master's programme to study? Would you like more information on the contents and teaching methods at USI? Register at our Master Meetings to attend courses.
The various Master Meetings allow you to follow lectures with current master students. Guided by a USI student, you can visit the campus and decide whether the contents correspond to your study ambitions.

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Room D1.13
East Campus

S&DE Atelier: Visual Analytics

The course is composed of 4 parts. In the first, we learn how human vision works and how to design charts and visualizations for effective communication. In the second part, we see how to use Jupyter, Pandas, and Bokeh to perform data cleaning, analysis, and visualization. We also cover how to deal with geo-spatial data and how to manipulate geocoded objects. In the third part, we learn how to index, query, and aggregate data at scale with ElasticSearch, and how to create interactive dashboards with Kibana and Canvas. In the last part, we see how to analyze ultra-large datasets with Apache Spark and the Zeppelin notebook, discussing how the Spark optimizer works under the hood.

Room D1.15
East Campus

Software Analysis

This course describes software analysis techniques, highlights their theoretical underpinnings, and presents tools that make them available in practice to the working software engineer. The presentation includes techniques spanning different levels of correctness guarantees, automation, and applicability. The main covered topics are: axiomatic semantics and deductive verification; static analysis and type systems; model checking and predicate abstraction; symbolic execution; and dynamic analysis.

In the 2022 Autumn Semester, prospective students joined the following lectures: