Solidarity Scholarships Fund 2020 - For students affected by the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis

Our students, your University.

Students are indeed the most valuable asset we have. We are responsible for preparing them as best we can for their future. Unfortunately, at this moment, many families are suffering from the economic and social consequences of the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) emergency. The possibility of continuing or beginning their studies is at risk for several current and future USI students. Their way to the future. To support them we have set up a solidarity fund, to which we can all contribute.


Our commitment

With the "Solidarity Scholarships Fund 2020" we intend to increase the number of scholarships available for USI students, to help even more students who need them. Scholarships are more important than ever before.


95 Solidarity Scholarships already awarded

From May to August 2020, 170'000 CHF was raised. This amount made it possible to assign 95 scholarships to 78 students on Lugano campus and 17 on Mendrisio campus (click here for more information).

Fundraising continues in order to increase the total number of scholarships and to assist students in facing other foreseeable difficulties due to the COVID-19 emergency.

How we use the donations

The donations collected through the solidarity fund are paid out entirely to USI Bachelor's and Master's degree students, in the form of scholarships consisting in a 50% reduction in the semester registration fee, and, in selected cases, in the form of support of the expenses students are faced with. Compared to the scholarships already in place, the Solidarity Scholarships are awarded by taking into more account of economic criteria, so that we can direct these precious resources to those facing financial difficulties.


Transparency and confidentiality

The Solidarity Scholarships are granted in compliance with the relevant Regulations. In particular, a USI working group presents the candidates, and an Honorary Committee composed of third party members and a USI representative deliberates on the proposals, ensuring compliance with the Regulations. The members of the Honorary Committee are

  • Manuele Bertoli, State Councillor, Director DECS;
  • Carlo Croci, Chairman of Raiffeisen Mendrisio and Valle di Muggio, USI honorary member;
  • Marco Fantoni, Director Caritas Ticino;
  • Stefano Modenini, Director AITI
  • Daniela Mondini, USI Pro-Rector for Equal Opportunities

The fundraising is managed externally by an independent trustee, thus ensuring due confidentiality. Contributions to this fund are considered donations in favour of non-profit or public utility organisations, therefore tax-deductible under art. 32c of the cantonal Tax Law (text available in Italian only).


How to contribute

Supporting our students means supporting the University. Your University. Our University.

Any amount will help and we are grateful for it. Thank you very much for your support.


It is easy to contribute, and there are two ways to do so:

  • online donation by credit card
  • by open contribution wired to the designated account


1. Online donation by credit card
To make a donation online just click on the "Donate" button here below and fill out the form that will appear. The amount can be chosen at your own discretion.


Make a donation



The details for the discretionary donation on the designated account are available by clicking on the button below:


Payment details




For further information, we invite you to write an e-mail to [email protected].




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