Doctoral studies


The doctoral programs offered at Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) help to develop research and knowledge through international faculty and competitive scientific projects.

Colleagues from different parts of the world and international perspective, dynamism and informal culture, rapid decision making and a facilitated exchange of ideas – thanks to the agile structure and contained size – make USI a platform of free research open to the world.

Future researchers can find the ideal hub to grow and plant the seeds for a career at institutions such as Oxford, Columbia University, Cornell University, University College London, EPFL, London School of Economics, University of Bristol, University of Amsterdam, TU Delft, Northwestern University, New York University, and companies such as Google and Microsoft.

USI can count on a broad research network at national and international level, and the convenient conditions of the Swiss system, such as fruitful synergies between high quality public infrastructures (especially the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Commission for Technology and Innovation) and important funding by the private sector