Mixed Methods

Lecturer: Manfred Max Bergman

Week 2: 19 - 23 August 2024


Workshop Contents and Objectives

This introductory course will teach participants when, how, and why to integrate a qualitative and a quantitative research component within one research design. The first part will cover research design issues, theoretical assumptions, and justifications for mixed methods. The second and third parts will deal with qualitative and quantitative perspectives in a mixed methods research design, respectively. The fourth part will explore practical problems and solutions to mixed methods research, including newer developments associated with complex mixed methods designs, integration, joint displays, and publication strategies for mixed methods projects. Throughout the week, exercises on how to collect and analyse data for mixed methods research will accompany the lectures. The participants are invited to work on their own projects during the course. A reader will be provided.



Familiarity with the basics of either qualitative or quantitative methods.