Master Meetings

Have you decided on which Master programme to study? Would you like more information on the contents and teaching methods at USI? Register at our Master Meetings to attend courses.
The various Master Meetings offer you the opportunity to follow lectures together with the current master students. Guided by a USI student, you can visit the campus and make up your mind as to whether the contents correspond to your study ambitions.

Next appointment: 9-13 May 2022. Registration is required. 

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Room A21
Red Building

Business Dynamics
Prof. Gonçalves

Why do so many business strategies fail? Why do so many others fail to produce lasting results? Why do many businesses suffer from periodic crises, fluctuating sales, earnings, and morale? Why do some firms grow while others stagnate? How do once-dominant firms lose their competitive edge? How can a firm identify and design high-leverage policies, policies that are not thwarted by unanticipated side effects? Accelerating economic, technological, social, and environmental change challenge managers to learn at increasing rates.
We must increasingly learn how to design and manage complex systems with multiple feedback effects, long time delays, and nonlinear responses to our decisions. Yet learning in such environments is difficult precisely because we never confront many of the consequences of our most important decisions. Effective learning in such environments requires methods to develop systems thinking, to represent and assess such dynamic complexity – and tools managers can use to accelerate learning throughout an organization.

Room A13
Red Building

Text Analysis and Spatial Data for Economists
Prof. Gessler, Prof. Parchet

Room A1.03
East Campus

Business Intelligence and Applications
Prof. Martinenghi

The first part of the course addresses core topics, such as enterprise data integration, visualization, and data mining. The second part gives an outlook on emerging data architectures, including social network structures and Big Data analytics.

Room C1.05
East Campus

Software Quality & Testing
Prof. Pezzè

Software quality is a paramount element of software systems, and software testing and program analysis are the core approaches to asses software systems. This course provides the core background for organizing and executing a thorough quality process. It provides technical and organizational capabilities for software quality manager and quality scientists.


In the Autumn Semester 2021, prospective students joined the classes: