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The various Master Meetings offer you the opportunity to follow lectures together with the current master students. Guided by a USI student, you can visit the campus and make up your mind as to whether the contents correspond to your study ambitions.

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Room 354
Main Building

Strategies in Screen Industries
Dr. Dagnino, Dr. Prario

The course investigates screen industries and their evolution in the last few decades. In particular, it focuses on:

a) the strategies adopted by public and private companies;

b) the policies introduced by supra-national institutions and organizations (European Union, WTO, etc.), as well as by national governments and local/regional public administrations;

c) screen industries’ market performances.

Room 354
Main Building

Digital Archives
Prof. Maeusli

A historical overview helps the students to reflect about memory keeping and archiving and its strong correlation with the development of societies and techniques, also on theoretical level (collective memory). In a second step we analyse the digital shift in archival practices on concrete examples, observing actual states of the art and focussing mostly on audiovisual archives of broadcasters, given their rich content, their multiple complexity and their strong cultural heritage and public service dimension.

In the Autumn Semester 2021, prospective students joined the class: