Locarno Film Festival, three free passes for "L'immagine e la parola"

Institutional Communication Service

14 March 2019

"Esploratori inesausti" is the title of the seventh edition of "L’immagine e la parola", the annual springtime event organised by the Locarno Film Festival, taking place this year March 29 to 31. The three-day programme will explore the relationship between teachers and disciples as a ground for exchange in the creative process.

This year the organisers are offering three free passes for USI students interested in attending.

The free passes will be assigned on a 'first come, first served' basis.

Just drop an e-mail to press@locarnofestival.ch with your first and last name. The personalised passes can be collected at the front desk from the first day of the event.

A detailed programme of the event.