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Institutional Communication Service

16 September 2019

During the pas academic year, USI has appointed Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni as Pro-rector for Education and Students' experience, eight new professors (mainly in the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences), and twelve new staff members at the Lugano and Mendrisio campuses. Welcome!

The eight new faculty members appointed since the beginning of the past academic year are:

  • Andrea De Gottardi, Full Professor of gastroenterology, Faculty of Biomedical Sciences

  • Silke Gillessen Sommer, Full Professor of Oncology, Faculty of Biomedical Sciences

  • Andrea Bircher, Adjunct Professor in Human Medicine, Faculty of Biomedical Sciences

  • Greta Guarda, Tenure track Assistant Professor in Biomedicine, Faculty of Biomedical Sciences

  • Petr Cejka, Tenure track Assistant Professor in Biomedicine, Faculty of Biomedical Sciences

  • Roger Geiger, Assistant Professor in Biomedicine, Faculty of Biomedical Sciences

  • Davide Robbiani, Full Professor and Director of the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB)

  • Gilles Kepel, Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Communication Sciences


The twelve staff members with a permanent or apprenticeship contract or at the Lugano and Mendrisio campuses are:

  • Boffa Roberta, Administrative staff, Teatro dell’Architettura Mendrisio
  • Casarella Janice, Administrative staff, Research and Transfer Service
  • Cingari Solange, Administrative staff, Istitute of human medicine
  • Crivelli Dario, IT Staff, IT Service
  • Dagnino Gloria, Academic director, scientifica, Equal Opportunities Service
  • Donadel Mauro, IT Staff, IT Service
  • Foresta Antonio, IT Apprentice, IT Service
  • Mathieu Gaia, Administrative staff, L'ideatorio
  • Meli Francesco, Administrative staff, CP Start-Up
  • Sampietro Liliana, Financial and accounting management, Controlling Service
  • Storer Sybilla, Administrative staff, Human Resources Unit
  • Wyss Claudia, Administrative staff, Faculty of Biomedical Sciences (since May 2018)