Media in Piazza 2019: among the activities an escape room with augmented reality designed by USI


Institutional Communication Service

15 October 2019

What do we tell about ourselves online, and how do we build our social identity? How do we read other people’s profiles and how do our followers and those who like our posts perceive us? How much do stereotypes and prejudice count? Online identity is the focus of Media in Piazza 2019, an event dedicated to schools and families. An escape room with augmented reality designed by USI will be among the several activities offered during the event.

Media in Piazza will open its doors to families and organisation for extracurricular activities on Thursday, 24 October, from 6 pm to 9 pm. Eight interactive workstations will be available at ex-Asilo Ciani, Lugano, each offering 20 minute activities including two new escape games: Security matrioska, by Wikimedia Switzerland, and the escape room with augmented reality  La legge della retedesigned by USI e-learning service eLab in collaboration with USI Competence Center Digital Law and SUPSI Department of Education and Learning (DFA). The room is built with technologies developed at the ISIN Institute of SUPSI Department of Innovative Technologies. USI will also be involved in one of the eight interactive workstations with an activity on the use of chats: "Whatsappiamo? The way we use Whatsapp's also talks about us!" The activity will be proposed by USI's team MEDIATICINO 2.0 in collaboration with SUPSI's DFA.  

Media in Piazza, now in its fourth edition, is an event to discover "the beauty of the Internet, with no fear". It is aimed primarily at schools and it will be held with the patronage of the City on 24 and 25 October in Lugano at the ex-Asilo Ciani. It will involve 20 middle school classes and about 400 students.

Università della Svizzera italiana is also a member of Media in Piazza: a free and permanent work platform bringing together organisations and people involved in media and technology education in the Canton of Ticino.