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(via Zoom) Continuing training and education for lawyers: Criminal Procedure Law (Strafprozessrecht), Ass.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Mäder

Law Institute

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via Zoom

A series of two-hour meetings aimed at providing a complete and in-depth overview of the legislative and jurisprudential innovations of the last year in each legal area covered. The conferences are held in German or Italian and there is the possibility of following the entire programme or registering for individual evenings according to specialisation. A complete documentation in Italian (containing, among other things, summaries and comments on the TF rulings) is made available to participants.

Fee: for OATI member lawyers / Lucerne University alumni / practising lawyers / jurists of the cantonal administration: CHF 60.00 per evening (11 evenings package: CHF 540.00)

For everyone else CHF 90 (11 evening package: CHF 810.00)

Registration deadline: 10 days before each meeting, via the website

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