Over 6000 visitors at L'ideatorio


Institutional Communication Service

19 December 2019

Since its opening, the new headquarters in Cadro has captured the public and schools' attention, proving the importance of projects born from the collaboration between different institutions. A cultural venue where science and society converse through activities for all ages.

The new exhibition centre of L’Ideatorio opened its doors in September 2019 in the building that once hosted the former Town Hall. Inside the venue, visitors had the chance to venture into the world of science by visiting, for example, the exhibition on the human brain “Imperfetto - Fra gli inciampi e le abilità del nostro cervello”, the astronomical planetarium or the interactive stands into the world of scents and the sense of smell of “L’officina dei ricordi”. At L'ideatorio the public were also able to attend conferences with experts, watch theatrical performances, and take part in readings and other activities designed for all ages with the aim of forging strong ties with the region.

L’ideatorio will resume its activities on 7 January 2020. On 12 January the planetarium will showcase a special show on the theme “Am I just my brain?”.


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