Fostering dialogue on social issues through fashion


Institutional Communication Service

6 February 2020

Kulsum Shadab Wahab, the Indian philanthropist and designer who campaigns in defense of women who have been attacked by acid, will be in conversation with Italian journalist Luisa Ponzato (Corriere della Sera) on February 20, in Milan, Italy, during the Fashion Week. The event is organised by the Corriere della Sera Foundation in collaboration with the Master in Digital Fashion Communication of USI and Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Fostering dialogue on important social issues and the topic of non-violence through fashion: the renowned Fashion Week in Milan is the ideal setting to present the Ara Lumiere project set up by the Ngo Hothur Foundation, under the guidance of Indian fashion designer Kulsum Shadab Wahab, a winning example of how fashion can become a tool to give voice to compelling stories. The stories uncovered by the project are in fact those of women who have been attacked with acid. The designer has brought together a group of Indian women who have survived this crime to create handmade headdresses, giving this all-female group of designers the opportunity to declare their battle and rise up through creativity. Creating something precious from the most difficult conditions is precisely the common thread of the initiative, which sees in these headgears a symbol of beauty and rebirth. The profits from the sale are also entirely intended for the rehabilitation of victims of aggression.

"These are important testimonies, which we want to bring not only to our students in their studies but to the whole community: initiatives like this one show the ethical dimension in which fashion must find its place. They also show how strong the impact of communication such as that of the designer Kulsum Shadab Wahab, who sees in the ‘language of fashion’ the ideal tool to convey messages understood at a global level”, says Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni, Director of the Master in Digital Fashion Communication.

The designer, in dialogue with journalist Luisa Pronzato, will present the project at the Sala Buzzati of the Corriere della Sera Foundation. The event, which will begin at 6 PM, is open to the public, subject to prior registration at