The installation "Decoding wireless" lands on Lugano campus


Institutional Communication Service

5 March 2020

The installation shows a timeline of some of the major events in the history of wireless from the late nineteenth century to today. These milestones come to life thanks to the augmented content that can be accessed with a smartphone. It is possible to visit the installation for free on Lugano Campus (near the black building) until 26 April 2020.

Wireless, i.e. the connection without the use of wires or cables, is very often taken for granted: we can only understand the majpr rol it plays in our daily lives when it stops working, when the Wi-Fi connection is down or when our phones have no reception. However, this technology is profoundly affecting our society and shaping our habits to such an extent that it can be considered a hallmark of modernity.

USI Institute of Media and Journalism and the Visual Culture Laboratory of SUPSI have created the project Decoding Wireless with the aim of fully understanding not only the technological but also anthropological significance of wireless. Thanks to the support of the National Fund for Scientific Research, the aim is to trace the history of wireless technologies in a simple and interactive way. The project is the result of the collaboration between Prof. Gabriele Balbi of USI Institute of Media and Journalism and Dr. Jean-Pierre Candeloro of the Visual Culture Laboratory of SUPSI.

The installation has already made stops at Piazza Indipendenza in Lugano (28 June - 24 July 2019), at the Rotonda di Locarno (31 July - 17 August 2019, on the occasion of the Film Festival) and at Piazza Riforma in Lugano (29 August - 4 September 2019, on the occasion of Digital Day). Afterwards, from 29 April to 28 May 2020, Decoding wireless will be available at LaFilanda in Mendrisio.