For the students, with the students. The Student Corporation begins its activities


Institutional Communication Service

9 March 2020

The Student Corporation, a project launched in the context of the Academic Senate, is now ready to make their first decisions on 17 March. The budget available to the Corporation for the year 2020 will be of CHF 30,000, roughly CHF 10 per student.

What is the Corporation? It is the umbrella organisation to which all USI Bachelor’s and Master’s students belong. Its name refers to the very origins of universities that were born from the union of “corporations” (called universitates) of professors and students.

The Corporation is led by the student body representatives in the Academic Senate and performs tasks recognised by the University. Such tasks include promoting university life on our campuses, thanks to a budget allocated by the University to support projects proposed by student associations and projects promoted by the Corporation itself.

Decisions on the projects to support are taken in the first instance by the student body representatives in the Academic Senate, who make up the "government" of the Corporation, called the "Student Council". All students regularly enrolled in a Bachelor's or Master's programme make up the Corporation's "sovereign", called the "Student General Assembly": they can intervene in the actions carried out by the Council by excercising "direct democracy", and through vote they can make the final decision on a specific issue.

Every student can trigger "direct democracy" by launching a "Student Initiative" or a "Student Referendum". All students, therefore, have a say in the decisions of the Corporation. 

The Student Corporation was created with aim to contribute to a positive and enriching student experience by strengthening the sense of community. It gives voice to the student body and gets students involved.


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